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Bartending Jobs – The Latest Job in Trend

Bartending jobs are one of the latest jobs in trend and let us read through to understand why. Job is an important element of a human life. I am sure you are wondering why I am saying this. It’s simple; because job helps you pay all your bills and give you the desired life you have always dreamed of. You can classify them as mental and physical jobs. Jobs that require you to use your mental abilities are classified as mental jobs while the others that involve the use of physical strength are called as physical jobs. Bartending is a job that requires you to use both; the physical and the mental ability to do the task.

Brief History of Bartending

According to historical records, the bartending profession has been in existence since ancient times. Its existence has been found in Greek, Roman and also Asian societies where wine was served as refreshment to travelers. During the 15th century, most bartenders were female innkeepers and landlords who produced their own wines and other liquors. Bar tenders and bar owners were also deemed as the elite members of the social and economic society.

Bar tending- an everlasting job

Bar tending belongs to the service industry which is not bound to die out and as the service is needed daily. It is an industry that is undying and has been in existence for centuries now. Be it war or recessions, the bar tenders are always needed to serve drinks to their customers. When in sorrows the customers come to drink to forget their sorrow and when happy they drink to celebrate. Moreover it is a job that has an elite status since its inception.

Show me the money

As a bar tender you can make good money provided you follow the do and don’ts. People drink irrespective of whether they are sad, happy, lost a playoff game or to avoid getting wet in the rains which might lead to a long stay at a bar. This means more drinks and more drinks mean more money and more tips. In the BARTENDING JOBS there is a lot of money which means a bar tender will never go out of job. Every industry may keep their business closed for a day however bars are never closed, hence allowing you to make money on all days. In fact you can say this is a recession proof profession. Even with the basic training you can find yourself a job as a bar tender and as years pass by you can excel in it, provided you want to make your mark in bartending jobs.

Big thing in a small package

Besides the money, there are a lot of things that you can learn as a bar tender. From recognizing the glassware to mixing of drinks, you can accordingly excel in this job faster in comparison to the others. You get a chance to be noticed and talked about as you are the public image of the bar. You can say it is a hard core PR job that can help you build a long lasting relationship. Flirting has its own risk especially when in public but as a bar tender many customers really don’t mind it. It is a job that also makes you a good customer service and sales representative as you not only serve your customers a drink with a smile but also promote some of the premium drink. Bartending jobs are not waiter job and these require you to use both physical and mental ability; it teaches you most of the skill sets of both abilities, which can be applied especially when you decide to move on to another sector.

While bar tending, a bar tender is a person responsible for his or her guests’ experience. He needs to ensure that the guest who enters his bar for a drink gets what he or she wants. He also needs to ensure that the drinks are efficiently, correctly and quickly made. By this I mean the guest should not have to wait for long even in the busiest part of the day.

Due to the rise in demand for this job, you will find many institutes that offer courses in bar tending. These institutes teach you how to become a profession bar, what’s in store for you and so. Although these institutes teach everything about bartending, the real quality of being a good bar tender lies deep within you.

A bar tending job asks for a lot; from making a drink quickly and efficiently with the right ingredients to serving it with a smile. Unlike most sectors which concentrate on just one aspect which later can get monotonous, this job teaches you a lot in an exciting way. It is a big thing in a small box which if applied and learned correctly; will help you touch the skies. Hope these now have answered your doubts about why bar tending is the latest job in trend.

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