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Tips on how to work in a bar

Bartending jobs are one the highest paying job however; it is no cake walk because if it is not done the right way it can lead to injuries and a bad name. Many people tend to make this mistake and avoid bar tending training prior to becoming one. Here are a few tips to know before starting working in a bar:

Make time your best friend

Timing is an important fact for any job especially when it comes to bar tending. As a bar tender it is important that you use time efficiently. I am sure you are wondering why time plays an important role; here are the answers to your questions.

When in a Bartending jobs, if you manage your time well, it will help you to provide better customer service. This means better tips. Bartending jobs is a hectic job but a bar tender who manages his time well gets some air to breathe when bar tending. Moreover, it also helps him to be a better salesman. You not only share a joke with your customers but also build a relationship and accordingly convince them to try some of your premium drinks. Also try to work with multiple orders as it will help you manage time efficiently.

Working with the layout and design of the bar efficiently

As a bar tender you will have to adjust and work with the layout and design of the bar. This means there is no saying, “I can’t work here; this is a small bar.” A good bar tending works in the space given to him. Make a list of things to do before you start your shift. This way you can accordingly plan your day ahead and provide good service. Organizing helps you to use the place efficiently.

Be organized and know your products

Being organized is a crucial and must to follow rule. An unorganized bar tender only causes a chaos which not only puts his reputation at stake but makes the customers leave the bar. As a bar tender you know best which drink sells most; hence ensure you have that liquor at bay so that you need not run to the back bar. If needed, fill up a few more glasses in advance. Knowing your products and organizing them well in advance is a key element of a bartender. So be organized and you can be rest assured that customers will keep coming back to you.

Repeat the order to avoid mistakes

Repeating the order is a good practice as it reduces and avoids mistake and helps in serving the customer better. Many bar tenders fail to do so which results in big blunders as some guests may be allergic to certain products or fruits. Repeating the order is the best way to avoid these blunders and save the reputation of your bar.

Remember the order of some big tippers and regulars

This a trademark of an efficient bar tender; he never forgets the drink order of his big tippers and regulars. As a bar tender this quality is sure to help you touch the skies because these big tippers and regulars are the people who help in running your bar and pay for your job.

Know your drinks and their price

As a bar tender, it is important that you know the menu, their prices and their preparation ingredients. This will reduce the blunder of quoting the wrong pricing as some customers may get annoyed. Also knowing your cocktail recipes back of your mind is a sign of a good bar tender and it also reduces the embarrassment of not knowing what’s in a cocktail when asked by a customer.

Make a recommendation

Some customers are confused with what to drink and what not to. Help them to make a choice. This will help you promote the cocktails that you know well especially during the busy period when the bar is full.

Keep you bar clean

Nobody likes to drink at a dirty bar. It is really important that you keep your bar clean. In case a customer has spilled a drink ensure you clean it immediately rather than wait for someone to do it. Put all the empty glasses left by customers to wash so that you accidently do not reuse them without washing. You can work better if your bar is clean so ensure that it is kept clean, after all it’s your bar!

Mind your business

Many bar tenders are more interested in what his or her colleague is doing. This is bad bartending. It is important that you take care of your station unless and until you are asked to assist another colleague. This will help you in becoming a better bar tender.

The list for efficient BARTENDING JOBS can go on and on however these are a few tips that will help you bar tend efficiently and become a good bar tender.

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