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Alexandru Tudor

Alexandru Tudor

Alexandru Tudor is a Sommelier and Mixologist specialized in unique cocktails based on syrups
and shrubs.

At an early age, Alexandru began working in the service and hospitality industry. Fascinated by
the art of cocktails, encouraged him to obtain a certification in bartending. His curiosity of
experimenting with different flavors and creating innovative cocktails inspired him to perfect his
technic of syrups and shrubs. He then went on in opening his own company to train bartenders
and create unique cocktails for multiple companies and restaurants that complement the scene
and the food.

To further his knowledge on alcohol he completed a certification as a sommelier at the (École
des Métiers de la Restauration et du Tourisme de Montréal).

He represented international wineries for large companies such as (Chambre de commerce
Italienne au Canada) and has been an ambassador for Romanian wineries at the largest wine
exposition in Quebec that is also known as an international event ( La Grande Degustation de

Teaching his knowledge of wines, spirits and cocktails has been a rewarding and exciting experience.

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