Rules For Being A Good Bartender

Bartending jobs are one of the most sought jobs today as it is the latest job in trend. Many institutes catering to studies in service sector offer courses in bar tending or mixology. These courses are a base that will help you become a great bar tender however, the real quality of bar tending lies in you and comes from within. Let us read through to know how you can become an efficient bartender. 

Rule number 1# Have a sharp memory

Imagine going to a bar and encountering an instance where the bartender has forgotten to serve your order or has made a cocktail with the wrong ingredients. I am sure you will agree that it is damn frustrating to be treated like this. When in Bartending jobs, it important you remember all that you have learned. This is the basic and most important rule which can help you prosper as a bartender. A better memory helps you work more efficiently and systematically. Besides this, it also increases the tips your customers pay you. As a bartender you will interact with different customers and knowing them well is an added advantage as it helps you to connect with them well. It also helps you when you are taking their orders, because for regulars you need not repeat their orders as they usually prefer the same drink that they have been having, however you can always verify. It also helps you to address them and understand their moods. This way you know what kind of conversation to have or avoid. A good memory also reduces the time taken to make a particular drink because you know it at the back of your mind.     

Rule number 2# Keep Your Space Clean

The proverb, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is another ground rule of a good bartender.  Keep yourself in the customer’s shoe where he has to drink at a dirty bar. I am sure you will feel as pathetic as what a customer would feel if he has to drink at your bar which is not clean. Customers love to go to a clean bar. It is necessary that you maintain this rule because being clean will never hurt you but increase the good aura of your bar which will automatically increase the number of your customers. 

Rule 3# Build a Rapport

Bartending is a part of the service industry hence good customer service is an essential element that helps you in becoming an efficient bartender. If you want to become an efficient bartender then you must provide good customer service and in order to provide good customer service, you must build a rapport with your customer. Building rapport with your customers will help you understand their needs, their moods, etc which will help you serve them better. When you provide better service, these customers will come back to your bar and also spread the word to others. This means your owner need not spend much on advertisement as this will help attract customers and also gain him some loyal customer. You never know besides good tips you may also get promoted!

Rule 4# Be Organized

Being organized is an important factor of an efficient bar tender which will help him in the long run. A good bartender organizes his priority before he hits the bar. This helps him to serve his customer better. Moreover it also avoids any chaos that could have arose become of him being unorganized. Ensure you take all the essential items from the back of the bar and refrigerate it prior to serving the customer. This will save your time and energy that you would shed if you were unorganized especially during the busiest period. When you are organized you feel good and this goodness when shared with your customers brings a smile on their faces. 

Rule 5# Know your products

In Bartending jobs it is important that you know your product well. This helps in serving your customer faster and better. Moreover, it saves you the embarrassment caused by a horrible drink that did not have the right ingredients as you forgot to add them. Knowing your products (here we mean cocktails, liquor and so one) is an essential because it will help you show your customer that you know what you are serving him. Also it will help you serve him the right product instead of the wrong one. For instance, if your customer asks for a Piña colada, a white rum based cocktail and you add dark rum instead, believe me it will really taste horrible and also drive your customer away. This is just one instance but there are many when a customer leaves the bar because the bartender failed to give him what he wanted. 

The above are just a few rules to be an efficient bartender however there are many that can help you excel in this BARTENDING JOBS field. 

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