How Much Does A Bartender Make?


The yearly salary for a bartender is roughly $30,000 annually. However, a bartender takes in much more thanks to their tips, which are normally undocumented and frequently fluctuate.

This is because at a high-end restaurant or nightclub drinks are pricier, and the clientele is more willing to throw around some cash. At higher-end places like these a bartender might expect to bring home no less than $200 per night in tips alone!

That will skyrocket the estimated take home pay to $45,000 – $73,000.

Tips will vary depending if you work in a night club, posh hotel, restaurant and so on. For example, in a nightclub the bartender serves the client and it’s all about speed, there’s little chit chatting in a night club. The drink is served, you get your tip and that’s it “thank you very much”.

Compare this with a private club where your patron will certainly get in with you before and while you are preparing the cocktail, you can bet he/she will be chatting you up after is is served. Consequently, you will be serving way less recipes but will be receiving substantially hefty tips. In a restaurant, you’re mainly like a robot, taking orders from the waiters and cocktails get picked up by the waiters. Tips are paid to the waiters and cocktails get picked up by the waiters. Tips are paid to the waiters and then split hopefully evenly with the bar staff. Here you’ll be making less tip. Of course, many restaurants have bar stools and this is where you get the opportunity to pour on your charm to get the trophy tips.

Getting certified as a bartender is extremely important. It will set you apart from the competition and help you land a job faster. If you are looking to get certified as a bartender and get a job, contact us now for your new career.

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