How Should You Dress to Get the Best Bartending Job?


In the hospitality industry, there is a constant and ever evolving conversation around dress code. It is a common misconception that bar tending is a completely casual position.

It is very important to an employer and the clientele that a bartender is dressed appropriately. Many bartending locations will have either an official or unofficial uniform. Bartenders should follow their locations rules as a bare minimum. It is vital that bartenders are not only well dressed, but are also well groomed. If you are just starting out a new bartending position here are some fashion tips to ensure you are dressed for success whether you are serving drinks at a high-end resort or a local night club:

Shoe wear- always wear comfortable shoes that are both stylish and practical. Your outfit should be put together, but do remember you will be on your feet during your shift.

Fit- whether you are in shape or out of shape be sure your clothes are not baggy nor too tight. They should fit properly.

Grooming- hair should always be clean and styled simply. No overwhelming colognes and perfumes, and keep makeup classy.

Personality- wear a cool pocket square, or a shiny scarf to show off your personality.

Black when all else fails wear black on black and you will look put together.

Proper grooming and dressing is essential for job success and well also boost those tips!

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