How To Be A Good Bartender

Bar Jobs – How to be a good bartender

Bar jobs
are becoming hugely popular with time. So what are the qualities you need to have to be a good bartender? You must have the knowledge of drinks and confidence in your personality to win the customer’s heart. Your personality plays a crucial part in any job of these kinds. Here you are the organizer, entertainer, maker, server, friend and cashier. People will talk to you about plenty of things. You need to hear those while serving the drinks. Customer service is the key thing to be successful in these BAR JOBS. If you do that well you will be able to get a huge amount of tips from your customers. That is one of the best parts of being a bartender. You will earn huge amount from the tips. However, you need to be really good at your job to earn that extra amount from the customers.

Good attitude is very important if you are a part of the hospitality industry. You must have a good attitude even if you are not having a good day. You need to treat all your customers equally. Not all the customers are same. Some of them are sweet, some of them are rude and some of them just do not care. However you need to treat them all equally. It is all about creating an impression to increase your business and you must do that sincerely. You also need to clean the bar clean. No one would like to come in a messed up and dirty bar. Even small things create bug impressions on the customer’s mind and you need to remember that. You must take care of the napkins and wrappers and also you need to keep things arranged at the bar. It would help you to get more customers for sure.

In Bar Jobs, It is also better to interact with the customers in an innovative way. If someone is there in the bar for some time you can make suggestion about some other drinks. For the couples you can suggest something. It is all about how you are going to treat your customers. If they like the drink you have suggested then you would definitely get some tips from them. The professional bartenders must have very good memories. If the waitresses have asked for multiple drinks for multiple customers then you must remember the drinks and for whom they have asked it to prepare. You must not mess up with that. The customers must get what they have asked for. That is why you need to have real good memory to please your customers. You must not forget that you are in the hospitality industry and you must satisfy your customers.

You need to be fair with your customers. You must not be involved into any conversation for long. You need to be polite with everyone while serving them the drinks. Even if someone does not gives you tip you need to treat that person with equal care. You must not overcharge anybody for what they are having. You must not be rude to anybody. In case someone is doing something that needs to be stopped then you need to handle that situation carefully. Your future prospects depend on various things. How you are treating the customers is very important. If the customer is happy and gives you tip you will get extra money but you must not charge them extra for their drinks in order to earn little extra. You must not even beg for tips and that is also known as bad etiquette.

You also need to follow the law. There is a law about the age and all your customers must be above that age group. You need to ask your customers politely to show you their age proof or identity. In case you serve alcoholic beverage to the minors you might have to face serious consequences. You need to keep a close eye on all these things. Lastly, you must be professional. Your main aim is customer satisfaction so that you can increase your revenue. You must not forget that at all.

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