Why Go To A Bartending School?


It is not required for a bartender to be licensed, but many restaurants require completion of classes to avoid liabilities. It is important for the bartender to have knowledge of alcohol and its effects. Bartenders need to know how to serve alcohol responsibly. In addition, going to bartending school makes an applicant competitive. You should learn the legal responsibilities, health and safety concerns in the workplace. Some schools offer an additional certification for this study as well.

Generally, when you attend classes at an established bartending school you are not only learning from experienced bartenders, you are learning form owners and school teachers. These instructors have worked in the field as bartenders and know what to teach their students and what to prepare them for.

Bartending schools offer hands on training. Since a great bartender learns from experience hands on really helps. Bartending.com is a school that also teaches Theory involving the alcoholic beverage. Some customers want to know where a drink originated and the history behind its creation. Sharing this knowledge with the client is a good way to get to know the client and make regular customers who increase your tip potential.

At Bartending.com all of the Masters School of Bartending instructors are professional, experienced and very supportive. They provide our graduates with the up to date bartending training and the speed skills needed to work in any establishment. In addition they’ll teach you all the tricks that will help you advance quickly in this career.

Bartending.com also offers a speed course in which the student learns to make many drinks very fast. This is a valuable skill especially in service type bars where a waiter or waitress has many drink orders and you must be able to keep up with the continuous demand for high quality, quickly made drinks. You will be taught to prepare, serve and taste the drinks in a real bar setting simulating the real work experience.

Many employers will be more likely to hire a person with the certification then hiring someone off the street who has only worked as a bar back or no experience at all. Some of the schools offer job placement programs to assist the graduate in finding lucrative bartending positions.

Bartending schools usually have requests from local bars for last minute hiring. Many times a busy bar will have one or two bartenders call in sick on a busy Saturday night and they urgently need a trained bartender. You stand a greater chance of snagging up a lucrative gig when you are listed as a graduate with a bartending school.

When you receive your certification from a bartending school you will walk out with the confidence in yourself and you will be able to apply the skills learned in the classrooms to the real life and your true earning potential.

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