Why Go To An Older More Established Bartending School?


The more established bartending schools have the highest degree of teaching methods, more experienced instructors and the graduates are more recognized in the industry. They offer the most top quality and comprehensive training courses.

An older, more established bartending school is more likely going to provide the best training in all the latest bar techniques and mixology. The students will learn in a real bar atmosphere with professional bar tools and glasses, mixing equipment and real lfe atmosphere.

An Established School Has A Broader Curriculum

The older, more established schools, like Bartendering.com offers a variety of different classes including table service, shots and shooters, bartending, flair bartending, wine tasting, and etiquette.

The more established schools, like Bartending.com have the best instructors. Such as our featured instructor Ronnie Laliberte who has over 30 years experience as a professional in the hospitality industry. Ronnie has worked as a Maître D, bar manager and bartender in prestigious restaurants in Canada.

Experience Matters: An Older Bartending School Can Show You The Way

Older bartending schools have the experience to guide you through a range of issues such as professional etiquette, product knowledge and alcohol awareness. These ideals provide the graduate with the skills necessary to effectively and responsibly meet the demands of this thriving industry.

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