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Why Take An Online Bartending Course?

Getting involved with the job of “Bartender” is not an easy matter. Yet, one must put into consideration many themes included. However, corresponding with the critical duties of bartending can include serving beverages, usually in certain establishments, taverns, pubs, or even bars. The matter deserves to mention that among the […]

Wine Appreciation Class

3-hour wine appreciation class This class is tailored to the elementary wine drinker who wants a fun but thorough introduction to the wonderful world of the wine. Students will learn the fundamentals of wine, wine tasting and appreciation. Specifically, students will gain a better understanding of how to critically judge […]

Become a Bartender

How to become a Bartender

Bartending is one of the most fascinating jobs among all categories and its inherent appeal attracts a lot of youth in this profession. The colourful light, the smell of wine, the atmosphere, and the charm is enough to seduce anyone to be a bartender. People in the bar always look […]

Bartending Course Qualifications

Bartending is a way of life, a career or might even be a hobby. Students take the MSB bartending course for several reasons, most to get gainfully employed, some part time and most full-time. Some follow our course turn enhance their cultural knowledge, meet new friends, enjoy the nightlife or […]

Bartending Classes Are Fun

Bartending is a fun art. The proper way to learn to bartend is by following a bartending course and learning with professional bar chefs. The art can be practiced professionally anywhere in the world, as all drinks and standards are international. Even the names of the drinks are internationally standard, […]

Bartending Course Duration

A professional bartending course should take no less than 30 hours. At the Master School of Bartending – MSB, courses are 30 hours. The most important aspect to understand, is that this is 30 hours of LIVE supervised and commented online training. It is imperative that the student practice at […]