Classic Spirit Cocktails

This package will mainly consist of the professional mixing, the service and the savoring of cocktails. We will then advance to the cocktail preparations, techniques and ever so important abbreviations coupled with the cocktail preparations.

Further in depth in this package, we’re going to concentrate on the gin, rye, scotch, brandy/cognac and rum-based cocktails. Obviously, everything that entails the mixing, the service and the savoring. Our bar chefs will only teach you the cocktails that will be most requested by the patrons.

The Master School of Bartending MSB , will only review cocktails that you will be asked to prepare in establishments ranging from the finest hotels, restaurants, night clubs, private clubs , cruise lines and so on. We will not burden you with recipes and preparation standards that you will not be asked in any professional establishments.


Students will be taught and individually practice the professional service methods of wines, champagnes, aperitifs, digestifs, cocktails, coffees and Flambés.


To evaluate the quality of the preparations and allow students to remember the drink by taste. Patrons more than ever ask bartenders and their staff to recommend cocktails, having a professional opinion on varieties of cocktails allows to offer pertinent recommendations and develop a rapport with the patron.

Cocktail preparation techniques such as measuring using a jigger, free pour, shaking, dry shaking, stirring, muddling straining, spanking, pulling and throwing garnishing and layering.

Abbreviations for the most prevalent cocktail preparation methods such as direct, stir, shake ,mix/blender and layering.

Cocktail preparations for gin-based mixed drinks, such as Gin Rickey, Dry Martini, Gin Gimlet, Pink Lady and a Tom Collins

Cocktail preparations and service for rye-based mixed drinks such as the Whiskey Sour, Sweet Manhattan and the Old Fashioned.

Cocktail preparations and service for the Scotch based cocktails such as the British favorite – Hot Toddy.

Cocktail preparations for Brandy/Cognac based mixed drinks such as the Sidecar and Stinger

Lastly the cocktail preparations for the rum-based fun cocktails such as a Daiquiris, Between The Sheets and the Zombies.

Classic Spirit Cocktails

    1. Gin Based
    2. Rye
    3. Scotch
    4. Brandy/Cognac
    5. Rum