Vodka, Wine and Coffee Based Cocktails

We are going to begin this package with vodka-based cocktail recipes such as the Harvey Wallbanger and the Bloody Caesar.

Next, we’re going to move into the more exotic mixed drinks such as the East Coast and Tropical cocktails such as Madras, Melon Ball, Sex On The Beach, Killer Kool-Aid and Kamikaze.

The following chapter and practice will be on preparing cocktails using white wines and champagnes, then proceed to the tequila based cocktails such as the Tequila Sunrise and ever so famous Margarita.

Then moving into the heavier savory cocktails such as the egg based favorites such as a Flip.

Before ending the package, we’re going to prepare some nightcaps and dessert cocktails, such as a White Russian.

We’re going to end this package with the ever so delicious coffee based cocktails and many favorites – Italian coffees and the Café Flambé.

Vodka, Wine and Coffee Based Cocktails

    1. Vodka
    2. East Coast, Tropical and Exotic
    3. White Wine
    4. Wine and Champagne
    5. Tequila
    6. Egg Based
    7. Night Caps and Desert Cocktails
    8. Coffee Based and Café Flambés