Shooters and Service

This chapter is a complete package on the preparation techniques of shooters. There are three main methods of preparing shooters – direct, chilled and layered. Find below, broken down in each method, the most requested shooters internationally in the hospitality industry. Our professors will be reviewing each one of these and preparing upon selection each one of each of the three preparation methods – enjoy!


ABSOLUT® VANILIA TURNOVER, ABSOLUT® PEPPAR PEPPARMINT, Almond Delight, Banana Popsicle, Black Bean, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Dragon’s Blood, Iguana, IRA, Jelly Fish, Laser Beam, Last Call, Lochness Monster, Mellow Yellow, Muppet, Peach Delight, PeachTree Fuzz, Prairie Fire, RoadRunner, Russian Roulette and Shark


ABSOLUT® PEPPAR FIRECRACKER, 747, ABC, AFTER EIGHT, Agent orange, Amourette, Angel’ s Lips, Angel’ s Wings, B-52, B-53, B-54, Banana Sandwich, Banana Split, Beam me up BABY, Bloody Nose, Bonbon, Cloudy, Deep Purple, Eclipse, Fireball, French Canadian, French Connection, French Kiss, Ghostbuster, Ice Cream Cone, Jelly Bean, Mexican Fly, Mint Chip, Père Noël, Popper, Popsicle Shooter, Slippery Nipple and Stiletto


ABSOLUT® VANILIA PINK, ABSOLUT® VANILIA BANANA RUSSIAN, ABSOLUT® VANILIA VERY BERRY, ABSOLUT® KURANT® STRAWBERRY SHOOTER, ABSOLUT® PEPPAR WORLD’S FASTEST BLOODY MARY, ABSOLUT® PEPPAR HOT & SWEET BASIL, ABSOLUT® PEPPAR SALT & PEPPER, African Queen, Alabama Slammer, Apple Blossom, Apple Bonnet, Apple Pie, Bachelor’s Surprise, BackStreet Banger, Banana Boat, Bananarama, BBC, BLack BALL, Black Mexican, Black Russian, Blue Lagoon, Blue Moon, Bootlegger, Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum 2, Coco Buster, Coppertone, Creamsicle, Dirty Sock, Earthquake, Electric Banana, Flying Eagle ,Fuzzy Navel, Gasoline, GodFAther, Godmother, Gold Rush Fever, Kamikaze, Killer Kool-Aid, Melon Ball, Miami Vice, Mudslide, Orange Crush, PARALYZER, Peanut Butter Buster, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie, QuickSilver, Root Beer, Sex on the beach, Sex Symbol Snake Bite, Pepper Sauce, Storm Warning, Toasted Almond, Tootsie Roll, Watox and Zipper

Shooters and Service

    1. Preparation Techniques
    2. Direct Shooters
    3. Layered Shooters
    4. Chill Shooters