Professional Bartending and Exam

This is the final chapter, in this package we are going to be reviewing the minimum standard of etiquette a professional is required to attain to get hired. Impressing the employer to getting hired. We will discuss in length the importance of responsibility and alcohol awareness.

The confident manner to properly address issues with patrons. The proper etiquette and diplomacy to address clients with utmost respect in fragile situations.

The known moto that “the client is always right” is of utmost importance in the hospitality industry. Unfortunately, in the majority of establishments today, staff are not trained to abide to this ever so important moto. However, when it comes to alcohol consumption and the risks involved and having patrons over-consuming is not only a social responsibility, but your responsibility and that of the establishment where are employed.

Hence, distinguishing the fine line of respecting the patron and halting his consumption is in itself a talent of major importance. Handling different situations where timing is of essence and lives are of concern, is never to be taken lightly.

At this point of the course graduates have a level of confidence that should be next to none in this sector of the hospitality industry. For 39 years we have been offering bartending courses and training bartenders so that they can achieve a level of confidence that they could never of attained without being mentored by professionals in the industry.

Our courses will allow you to attain these levels of confidence and encourage you to get hired.

Professional Bartending and Exam


  • Introduction
  • Employment
  • Do not drive
  • Your Responsibilities
  • Behave like a pro