Master Wines




This 1hr class is tailored to the aficionado wine drinker who wants a fun but thorough introduction to the wonderful world of wines.

Freshman’s will learn the fundamentals of wine, wine tasting and appreciation. More specifically, gain a better understanding of how to critically judge wine color, aroma, flavor and body.

They will also obtain an introduction to wine concepts such as dryness, acidity, fruitiness, tannins, varietals, vintages and more.

Resident wine professor:

Alexandru Tudor is a certified sommelier from the “Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseingnement supérieur – spécialisation professionnelle”. For more than 10 years Alexandru has dedicated his career to working in the wine, mixology and brewage industry.

His passion and integrity for the hospitality industry has led him to launch the Tudor Foundation. Alexandru has been celebrated as a premiere ambassador to international wineries at prestigious events such as : “La Grande Dégustation de Montréal”, “Le Salon Des Vins Roumains” and “Les Vins D’Emilie-Romagne“.

Mr Tudor has lead wine connoisseurs to discover and further appreciate the various fabulous world regions of the most magnificent international wines and it is our intent in our Master Wine successions to carry on this marvelous heritage.

Part 1: Tasting varieties in pinnacle regions within three distinct countries
Part 2: Vinification, varietals and the different wine categories
Part 3: Wine classification and the main wine producing countries
Part 4: Choice and service

Master Wines (1hr)